Xnview elevation map viewer plugin. Used to render *.raw or *.srtm files containing elevations (heightfields) color mapped and optionally relief shaded.
Used originally to visualize raw elevation data to be used in Outerra engine - Earth realtime rendering engine.

Shows a dialog window where various parameters can be set before loading the file. It also autodetects image dimensions using neighboring row correlation computation; possible dimensions are listed in the combo boxes sorted by the correlation.

color mapcolor map relief shadedgrayscalegrayscale relief shaded

Input dialog allows to specify various parameters. For input:
  • integer/floating point data
  • signed/unsigned data
  • little endian/big endian
  • header size to skip
  • manual specification of width and height or automatic detection by correlation test
  • vertical flip of the image
  • grayscale render
  • adjustable relief shading
  • adjustable clipping range for color mapping
import dialog

Download: (25 Mar 2011) xhgt.zip. Should be copied into XnView's <Plugins> directory.

Note also that XnView normally preloads one file in advance. In case it's a raw file, the raw import dialog pops up for the next file before the first one is even shown. Unless XnView API changes there's no other way to solve it except disabling "Read one image ahead" option in View->[Misc] in XnView settings.

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