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Outerra Tech demo

This alpha release features:
  • A complete, real scale planet Earth that can be freely explored
  • Created from real elevation data with resolution 30m where available, 1km resolution for oceans; data are dynamically downloaded as you go
  • Further refined by fractal-based procedural techniques down to centimeter-level details
  • Vector-based road system that integrates with the procedurally generated terrain
  • Global water bodies, land below the sea level support
  • Global road network
  • Global cities (experimental)
  • Adjustable lighting and environment parameters

The demo comes with the whole planet Earth that can be explored in a free-camera (UFO) mode or in a testing vehicle (8-wheeler truck) and a small plane. There's also a first person walking mode.

Full version - Outerra Anteworld sandbox game

After upgrading to the full version (alpha, access to all further versions of Outerra Anteworld game), the following additional features become available:
  • Road and runway editor
  • Editor for placing static objects
  • Additional vehicles - aircraft driven by the JSBSim flight dynamics engine
  • Model importer for static objects, ground vehicles and aircraft
  • Ability to export and share mods with others

People who like it and/or want to support us and further development of Outerra engine can buy the alpha release of Outerra Anteworld sandbox game at a discounted price, by upgrading from within the demo. Doing so will give you access to regularly released alpha/beta updates of the game, together with the final version when it's done. The price can gradually rise with each major release.

Full version includes additional vehicles, allows you to use vehicle mods made by users, a basic sandbox tool set allowing you to create roads and runways and place stock or imported objects. A model importer and vehicle configurator enables you to create custom models and vehicles and share it with others. It also enables you to play with dynamic terrain deformation (craters) and more things being regularly released. Changelog for the active version can be found in the latest version forum topic.

Data for the default location are already included within the installer, the rest of it will be downloaded automatically on demand as you explore the world.

Hardware requirements

Outerra tech demo requires recent graphics drivers with OpenGL 4.2+ support with some additional required extensions. It will warn you if your drivers are outdated, or even refuse to run in case you've got old drivers that are known not to work at all.

Please note that the requirements will likely change with evolving versions of the software and there's no guarantee that the previous minimum hardware and OS version will continue to work with the updates.

Minimum requirements:
  • Windows Vista and higher
  • Nvidia 400 series or better, AMD/ATI 5000 or better with recent AMD/ATI drivers (older ATI series are no longer supported by AMD and their legacy drivers do not work well with Outerra)
  • Recent graphics drivers!
  • 2GB graphics memory
  • 8GB RAM
  • 3GB disk space for the initial install, up to 100-300GB for fully downloaded Earth dataset, depending on the resolution used.
  • Nvidia 1070GTX or better, AMD RX 480 or better
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 8GB graphics memory
  • a 4-core CPU
Download links for the Outerra tech demo, upgradable in-game to the Outerra Anteworld sandbox game (alpha):

    Anteworld- (EU server)
    Anteworld- (US server)

Driver issues, graphics glitches Please check the Graphics driver issues topic to resolve the most common issues with the drivers.

Limitations of current alpha state of the technology

This alpha release comes out to show the potential of the engine, but it still lacks many features commonly found in other engines, and especially the effects are postponed until the major features are implemented.
Almost all the areas are work in progress.